Sjolie Sunless Spray Tan

Secret Is Sunless
           Full Body                        $20.00
      Face & Neck, Arms or Legs                       $15.00                           
            Package of 3 Visits                       $50.00                 

Spray Tanning Tips
Do's & Don'ts

Before Spray

~Shower, shave legs and exfoliate skin. Exfoliant suggestion: Mix White or Brown Sugar with your shampoo.
~ Do not apply any lotion - this can block the spray solution.
~ Wear whatever clothes make you comfortable. Most common - strapless bra and underwear, underwear only, thong or swimsuit.
~ Remove face makeup for full color. Spray can penetrate makeup but color will not be as dark.
~ Bring loose clothing to wear home - not too tight. We don't want your clothes to absorb or rub off the spray.
~ To minimize the risk of spotty discoloration on calloused skin or feet try rubbing lotion on prior to the appointment to allow time to soak in and moisturize. This is one area where lotion is GOOD!

After Spray

~ Do not shower, workout or sweat for 8-to-12 hours to maximize color potential and longevity.~
Do not to wear bra straps for a minimum of 2 hours to avoid strap lines on your shoulders.
~ Baths are bad for the skin! Take SHOWERS 6 to 8 hours after Spray Tan and use cooler water. Super hot water will fade your tan.
~ Do NOT usebar soap. Beware of Soaps that contain Sulfates and Phosphates such as Dove or Dial can streak and fade your tan.
Use SJOLIE Body Wash this will not strip the skin of its natural components and will prolong the developed color.
~ Moisturize daily with SJOLIE Tan Extend Lotion which gives added life and vibrancy to any tan.
  • You will tan through your spray color - use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs can fade your tan faster.
  • Your tan color will continue to develop and darken for several hours.