Relaxing Eyelash Salon

Lash Out & Day Spa is devoted to specializing in exceptional lashes.            Our licensed Estheticians have received focused training in the artistry of applying lash extensions.  Our demanding standards has made                 Our reputation as the go-to premier place for Eyelash extensions in the Cincinnati area.

Lash Out's extensions are virtually weightless, semi-permanent and flexible. The lashes curved to replicate the natural eyelash that adds fullness and length without damaging your existing lashes. Our Lashes are applied individually to your lashes one at a time for a natural look that varies from elegant to glamorous. Lash Out uses medical grade adhesive to adhere extensions to your natural lashes. Lash Out's lashes for every client's individual face shape, profession, and lifestyle to give you that one of a kind look that is unique and is only you.

What used to be the best-kept beauty secret of the rich and famous is now the hottest trend for beauty-conscious, active and stylish women. With Lash Out Eyelash Extensions you'll get a consistently excellent eyelash extension service each and every time. Schedule an appointment today to see the difference eyelash extensions can make for your look!

Let us make You Lashtastic!


Imagine waking up in your make-up!  Cut your morning routine in half. No more need for mascara, eyelash curlers, or eyeshadow! A little lip gloss & blush and your out the door. Lash Out eyelash extensions are water, oil, and sweat-proof, with an adhesive that sets immediately. The adhesive holds two times longer than competing brands and it gives the appearance of darker, thicker lash lines. Our extensions can be worn indefinitely with only a monthly touch-up.

Set of Lashes

*Due to Covid-19 sessions may take up to 20 mintues longer. Complying to new CDC & State Guidlines that we have put into place to protect you while you are visiting our salon.

Choose Your Look

Our Platinum Level Artist is a Licensed Esthetician and has been designing lashes for a minimun of 5 years, has taken mulitiple training courses in Eyelash Extensions and licensed by the State of Ohio as an Instrutor of Eyelash Extentions. 

Our Eyelash Extension are waterproof, smudge, sweat proof and eliminate the need for mascara. Our Natural-look eyelash extensions are perfect for everyday wear, making your eyelashes look thicker, darker, and longer. Each extension is bound to a single lash, and never to your skin.

Platinum Level Full Set
Classic Sets are 8mm to 11mm length
Naturally Dramatic Sets are 8mm to 13mm length

Super Dramatic Sets

1 hours & 30 minutes - $185

2 hours - $200

Platinum Level Classic & Naturally Dramatic
2 Week Fill-in

1 hour - $60

Platinum Level Classic & Naturally Dramatic
3 Week Fill-in

1 hour - $75

Platinum Level Classic & Naturally Dramatic
Fill-Ins over 4 weeks
starting at $95

Eyelash Extensions provide the ultimate in glamour with thicker, dark, longer eyelashes.
Both options are curled perfectly, light weight and extremly comfortable!

Silver & Gold Levels are currently not available

Gold Level Full Set
Classic Sets are 8mm to 11mm length
Naturally Dramatic Sets are 8mm to 13mm length
2 hours- $150
Gold Level Classic & Naturally Dramatic
2 Week Fill-in
1 hour - $50
Gold Level Classic & Naturally Dramatic
3 Week Fill-In
1 hour 30 minutes - $65.00
Gold Level Classic & Naturally Dramatic
4 Week Fill-In

1 hour 45 minutes - $80.00

 Silver Level Full Set

2 hours 30 minutes - $125

Silver Level Classic
2 Week Fill-In

1 hour 15 minutes - $45

Silver Level Classic
3 Week Fill-In

1 hour 30 minutes - $55

Super Dramatic Lash Extensions are long and Fabulous with the WoW factor!

Platinum Super Dramatic Full Set $200
Platinum Super Dramatic 3 Week Fill In  $  90 
Current Clients that may come in with less than 15 extensions per eye or a total less than 25 extensions will be charged the price of a Full Set minus $35.                                                Eyelash Extension Removal starts at $35.

Actual Lash Out Clients Before and After Photos